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Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy has a fully accredited academic program that offers a preschool, elementary, middle school, and junior-high school experience, all located at the St. Anne's East Moline campus.  

The Academic Philosophy of Grace is to serve the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, emotional, technological, and creative needs of your child. Our goal is to prepare our students for the future, while fostering a safe but challenging faith-filled environment of educational excellence. 
The high-quality academic standards at Our Lady of Grace go beyond the Illinois State Standards, by focusing on the whole child.   GRACE provides an atmosphere for intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth. Class sizes are small and are led by an experienced faculty and staff who work to create a collaborative learning environment aimed at helping all students excel. 

Science is a search for answers to questions about the world. In the study of earth, life, and physical science students gain an understanding of different aspects of how the world works. Students learn and understand the nature of scientific inquiry. Students use appropriate tools and techniques to gather, analyze, and interpret scientific data. They evaluate results of scientific investigations, experiments, and demonstrations. Students engage in cooperative learning, critical thinking, problem solving, questioning, and hands-on activities through a variety of different instructional strategies, learning styles, and assessments.

Teachers use diverse tools to conquer higher order thinking levels from students. In the science classroom, students have the use of technology and hands-on experiences to analyze the assortment of topics that are covered in each class. From these tools, students are able to investigate, classify, examine, and develop other skills that will help them in the science classroom, other core classes, and in real world experiences. Teachers use a variety of resources to implement these standards, such as material online, in workbooks, or other supplements that are offered with the series.  
​Our Lady of Grace supports the integration of technology across the curriculum at all grade levels, fostering growth in digital literacy, critical thinking, creative publishing, effective communication, ethical use, and improved productivity. Today, information technology is a fundamental feature of the environment in which we live, work, and learn. To be prepared for future modes of education, employment, and citizenship, students should have regular and diverse experiences using technology to learn, collaborate, create, and publish.  All classrooms are equipped with computers and Smart Boards.  Our Lady of Grace also has a computer lab which students access to further develop their technology skills. 
Religious education is integrated into the daily activities, studies, and student life of Our Lady of Grace students.  Students attend Mass every Thursday, receive sacramental preparation, and learn how to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
​The school uses the Sadlier-Oxford Math Series which covers the latest mathematics mandates, while engaging students in learning the math they need to be successful. Kindergarten through 6th graders are in the Progress in Mathematics books, the 7th and 8th graders are using the Foundations of Algebra books.  Eighth graders who meet certain required standards are invited to participate in Alleman High School’s Algebra I program. These students attend Alleman High School for the first period of the day to take Algebra and start their high school career in the Honor’s Program.  Students are also using the Mathletics online program.  This is a program that allows for individualized learning and assessment for students and is also aligned to the Illinois State Standards. It is done on the computers using games and everyday activities to enhance their mathematical skills/concepts.
As reading is the foundation for all learning, Our Lady of Grace places a strong emphasis on building strong readers.  This foundation starts in the early childhood years and is built upon throughout each school year.  The school participates in the Million Minutes program, where the collective student body strives to reach a reading goal of one million minutes before the end of the school year.  

Children in the fifth through eighth grade follow a language arts curriculum which models the common core and has a special emphasis in the six writing traits: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions. All reading starts with phonics, fluency, word recognition, and comprehension.  Writing is also developed by a strong foundation in analyzing mentor texts, both fiction and nonfiction alike, to analyze how professional writers consciously design and hone their craft to ensure successful communication with their intended audience.  The junior high language arts curriculum also ensures that students study a wide range of media sources: print, audio, visual, and digital. By analyzing these texts for point of view and bias, students become aware of the importance of selecting reliable sources of information to make informed decisions both as members of a democratic society and as wise consumers.
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy has a well-rounded physical education program for the entire student body and a competitive sports program for students in grades 5-8. The combination of the two programs promotes a healthy lifestyle and allows the students to develop good sportsmanship skills.   Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy has a no-cut policy. Any student interested in playing a sport is welcomed on the team. The goal of our athletic program is to help our students reach their full potential as athletes as well as benefit from teamwork and healthy competition. The success of our program is not measured in wins and losses, but rather how well we play the game, show our sportsmanship, and respect one another's God-given talents and abilities.
At Our Lady of Grace, students (PreK-8) are not only vocally participating in Mass,but are becoming educated musicians in the general music classroom. From learning our basic rhythms to learning to sightread and play recorder, students are being challenged appropriately to their age level. With the help of Orff-Schulwerk xylophones, students are composing music, playing multiple part music, and building our music theory knowledge along the way.    

The music classroom is always full of singing, moving, exploring, playing, and reading each and every day. In addition to everyday learning, Our Lady of Grace presents a Christmas and Spring program in which the school uses voices, dance, costumes, and acting to share a story with our audience. Past performances include "Once Upon a Starry Night" & "Aesop Adventures!"   Students in the fourth through eighth grade have a special opportunity to join the "Grace Note Choir". The Choir meets once a week and sings everything from Christmas carols to songs about chocolate!   
Art is also taught during the preschool through second grades - and is also offered as an after school club throughout the school year. Students in grades preschool through 2nd grade participate in art class where they both learn and engage in multiple art activities. Students are exposed to different styles of art and are encouraged to create their own unique masterpiece.  
Our Lady of Grace offers a half-day and full-day preschool curriculum five days a week. For more information, please visit our preschool page.  
Premised on an appreciation for the past and the building of a foundation for the future, Our Lady of Grace‘s Social Studies curriculum is a comprehensive study of U. S. History, U.S Geography, U.S. Government, World History, World Geography, and Economics. A variety of resources, with an emphasis on interactive lessons and nonfiction primary sources, encourage the development of critical thinking skills.  
Through the curriculum, the Catholic Church’s teachings on social justice are applied as students are encouraged to examine historical events and their own responsibilities as Catholic citizens living in a democratic nation and in a global community. Integral to the program is a respect and appreciation for the diversity of cultures and for the dignity of life.

Technology is used in the Social Studies curriculum on a daily basis as is the cross-curricular development of writing and language skills. An awareness of current events is also encouraged through exposure to a variety of online resources and subsequent discussions. Added to the Social Studies curriculum are the Junior Achievement programs which help to foster an understanding of national and global economics. Through the utilization of a myriad of resources designed to meet the individual needs of the students, it is the goal of the Social Studies curriculum to mold responsible, ethical and contributing citizens for our world.