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"As I'm waiting in my car, to pick up my kids at school, this is what I see in the parking lot. One of our priests, in casual conversation with the eighth-grade class. They really are listening and taking it all in! My son, Evan, is in that class...and lately, I have been very emotional (since he will be graduating next month and these are some of his last days here.) I wonder if and when he will realize how completely blessed he is, that he was able to grow up in such a loving and caring environment, as the one he has received here at Our Lady of Grace. From the Christian-based foundation and classmates that feel more like siblings, to the outstanding academics and amazing teachers- I couldn't have asked for a better place to nurture my kiddos! No school is perfect...but this one is very close!" 
- Andrea Gryp

"Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy formed almost 10 years ago.  After visiting the school, spending time with both the teachers and administration I was quickly drawn to its focus on family, faith and community. The staff shared the vision, the technology and opportunities that they offered, but it was the personal dedication to each student that caught my attention.   Our Lady of Grace is concerned beyond what can be learned just through books and a curriculum. They create a foundation, an enriched environment for learning, and developing young people. This has motivated me, as a parent to be active in this community, this extended family. I am not sitting back and waiting to see how things will turn out. Our Lady of Grace, now for 10 years, has proven to me that it is worthy of helping shape my children’s lives and dreams…and we’ll do it together.​" 
- Tad Tyler

​​"What a great school to send your children to so they receive a QUALITY, CATHOLIC education." 
- Joshua Petersmith

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